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The obSession

The SESSION Pilates Method

There’s nothing we love more than gushing about the love of our life . . . That is, SESSION Pilates

What makes our method different than any other Pilates studio you might walk into? Honestly, we could talk about it all day, everyday. But, if we must, we will make it short and sweet for the sake of this post. 

One thing SESSION Pilates is not: Traditional.

What we are: 

  • A high-energy, rhythmic-based Pilates workout using the Allegro 2 Pilates Reformer.  We put an innovative spin and an athletic touch on the traditional reformer workout. 
  • A 50-minute, full-body workout that truly emphasizes the group-fitness aspect.
  • An opportunity to check out of your day and into your body. We keep you connected to the movement and minimize time wasted between exercises with clear, intentional transitions. 

To break it down further, let’s address some of our most crush-worthy factors. 

Why 15 reformers? Every studio has 15 reformers. We love that it’s small enough to allow individualized attention but big enough to fill the room with energy. You feel connected not only to the movement but to the person next to you. Whether you need a modification or advancement, our teachers are equipped to provide just that, tailoring the workout for you — all while keeping the room moving as one. 

Why rhythmic based? There is something to be said about 15 individuals moving together as one, but it’s also about the safety within the room. When everyone moves together, we can notice joint alignments, body placement and control over your springs, allowing us to offer modifications/advancements when needed. Full disclosure: Music is very much an integral piece of our method. Our “little” obSESSION depends on it. And if you ask us, the louder, the better! However, don’t stress if finding the beat isn’t your strength. You can leave that one up to us. We will move you to the rhythm.

Why the Allegro 2 Reformer? It’s a machine that does it all. From the platform to the foot bar to the carriage to the towers, this machine truly allows for a full-body workout. And trust us, we take advantage of ALL the space — on, in between and around — that the reformer offers. 

  • The extended front platform allows for stability when needed, while also providing the perfect space to challenge your balance. It’s also a nice surface for a little cardio burst, which we aren’t known to shy away from.
  • The sliding foot bar allows for all of your pushing and pulling needs, and the fact that we can place it anywhere along the bed allows for endless creativity when coming up with new, inventive ways to burnout your body and make you shake.
  • The carriage is made to provide the perfect feedback so that you know where your body is at all times: Is it in the correct alignment or not? Think of the carriage as an autocorrect for your spine. (An autocorrect that’s far less annoying than the one on your phone.)
  • The back towers aren’t for the faint of heart. Hold on tight and get ready.

One last thing: Rest assured, we have a few tricks up our sleeve with Pilates props, like the magic circle and the box, but let’s be real . . . Our heart belongs to this sweet, sleek, sexy machine.

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