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Getting to Know the Allegro 2 Pilates Reformer


SESSION Pilates founder and owner, Brittany Grignon, gives you a walkthrough of this magical machine called the Allegro 2 Reformer that we use in all SESSION Pilates classes. If you’re new to reformer Pilates, we suggest checking this out before your first session. But don’t worry: Your instructor will give you this same rundown when […]

SESSION Pilates is Coming to Plano!

SESSION Pilates, Plano, Summer 2021

YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST: ✨75093 is the new 90210✨ We are thrilled to announce that SESSION Pilates is coming to Plano! We will be opening our fourth location—and our first location outside of Dallas—on the northwest corner of W Park Blvd. and Preston Road in summer 2021. CLICK HERE to see the official announcement […]

The New SESSION Standard

We are committed to keeping our studios a safe space for our Soldiers. Upon your return, our studios will look different and things will run differently. However, we can promise you one thing with absolute certainty: The quintessential SESSION workout—the shakes, the burn, the tunes and all the things we love most—will be more apparent […]

The SESSION Pilates Method

There’s nothing we love more than gushing about the love of our life . . . That is, SESSION Pilates.  What makes our method different than any other Pilates studio you might walk into? Honestly, we could talk about it all day, everyday. But, if we must, we will make it short and sweet for […]

What To Know Before Your First Session

Let’s be real: Trying anything for the first time is scary as sh*t.  And, full disclosure: Everyone’s first session is a whirlwind. Actually, the first three are. But, have no fear! We have the answers to some of your most-common FAQs to make sure you are fully prepped and ready for your first 50-minute, sweat-pouring, […]