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SESSION Instructor Training

We are not taking applications for instructor auditions at this time. We will update this page ahead of our next Instructor Training, so check back or follow us on Instagram to keep an eye out for future audition announcements. While we are not currently accepting applications, all of the below information is accurate and gives a good idea of what to expect with SESSION instructor auditions and training.
The information throughout this page is meant to give you an idea of what we are looking for when selecting anyone to come through Instructor Training at SESSION Pilates. Please give it a good read! If after reading it all you feel that SESSION Instructor Training is calling you, then by all means… we want to hear from you! At the bottom of this page, please click the button to fill out the inquiry form and we’ll get back to you!

​​How Does Instructor Training Work?

First we host auditions to select who will go through our training. How many people we take with each training is dependent on the scheduling and staffing needs across our locations. We train people to specifically teach at SESSION Pilates. The actual training will be hosted at SESSION Headquarters and exact run dates will be announced ahead of the next training intensive. It consists of two parts:
1. The Intensive, which is ~4 hours on weekdays (Wednesdays–Fridays) and ~6 hours on Saturdays and Sundays. The training consists of learning, writing and studying all of the exercises from the SESSION Training Manual.
2. The Mocks, which are free classes taught by you to SESSION employees, friends and family that are evaluated by Brittany (Founder and Owner), West (Director of Quality Control) and SESSION's Instructor Mentors. These are hosted at the studios during times that we don't have scheduled classes.

What happens during the audition?

In regards to what we expect to see in an audition, we want to see the best version of you on the microphone. Expect to lead Brittany, West and a few SESSION instructors through a 5-10 minute workout. We are looking for someone who effectively teaches to the beat of the music, commands the room, and understands how the body moves. Your audition does not have to be pilates or use the reformer if you are more comfortable coaching a different style. Most importantly, let your personality shine and show us you have an understanding of how SESSION teaches to the beat of the music!

Do I need to have a certification before the auditions?

No. We do not require a pilates certification to go through training at SESSION Pilates. Previous teaching or coaching experience in a group fitness or movement setting is a plus but also not required.

What is the best way to prepare for auditions and/or training?

We do not expect our instructors to have a certification before going through training, but we do expect our trainees to have at least 40 classes underneath his/her belt. We teach a very unique style of pilates. You will learn the most by having already experienced class with a wide variety of our current instructors. The more classes you have under your belt, the more you will be familiar with what we teach and how we teach. This ultimately sets you up for success in completing training.

What does the training cost?

Because we train specifically for people to join the SESSION team as an instructor, we currently do not charge for training.