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How to Get The Most Out of SESSION@Home

How do we do SESSION@Home? We’re here to share all the tips, tricks and secrets to making the most out of your SESSION@Home subscription. Whether you’ve been with us from the beginning (bless you!) or you’re just now entering the world of on-demand workouts (welcome!), we think a nitty gritty breakdown of all that is SESSION@Home — categories, playlists, search functions, etc. — would be of use!

Not a subscriber yet? Well, keep reading and allow us to do a little convincing… 😉


It’s just like your favorite Neflix feature! Did you have to pause unexpectedly during your workout? No biggie! Simply refresh your “browse” screen and any videos that you did not complete will appear under your “Continue Watching” category. 


If SESSION@Home had babies, this would be the newest, sweetest, most favorite baby. (Does that even make sense? You get our drift.) Every single Monday, we release a new SESSION@Home Weekly Program

What does this mean? We program every day of every week for you! That’s right, no scrolling, guessing and ultimately repeating the same workouts every time you want to break a sweat with us. Our SESSION@Home Weekly Program takes all of the guesswork out of the equation. (Only if you want it! If following our program and suggestions doesn’t really sound like your thing, don’t sweat it! There are so many different options for using SESSION@Home and our Weekly Program is just one.) 

Here’s what the Weekly Program looks like:

• There is a playlist for every day of the week on the platform. Within each daily playlist, you will find three floor (mat) workouts and three reformer workouts for you to do depending on the format you prefer.

• These programs aren’t just thrown together. Our lead instructors are thoughtfully curating the grouping of videos suggested for every day of the week. They are formatting your full-body workouts just as if they were prepping for a 50-minute session in the studio.


Curious to know what workouts your fellow SESSION@Home-ers are loving? We’re sharing the juice! The videos in this category are the top videos with the most views from the previous month. On the first Monday of every month, we will freshen up the Most Popular category with the top 15 floor and top 15 reformer workouts from the month prior.


We get it… We’ve all got our go-to instructors depending on what we’re looking for! In the Sessions By Instructor category you can view playlists for every instructor featured on SESSION@Home. Here’s a secret: Not only is the purpose here for you to easily access your favorites, but it’s also meant to serve as a little nudge to try out someone new when you feel the urge! You never know… 5 minutes with a new face and you just might have a new go-to to put in your rotation! 


If you’re more of an independent gal/guy when it comes to your workouts — you know what you like and what muscles you want to burn out — these categories are for you! We have a category for every format (floor / reformer) and muscle group (upper / core / lower). You do you, if that’s for you! Browse them all:

Floor: Upper Body + Floor: Core + Floor: Lower Body

Reformer: Upper Body + Reformer: Core + Reformer: Lower Body


Baby napping? Kids out of the house? In between Zoom meetings? Sometimes you’ve only got 5 minutes… And, lucky for you, that’s all we need! We have a whole category dedicated to our workouts that are under 10 minutes. So when you’ve gotta get it in QUICK, head to our QUICKIES.


Four words: Don’t. Forget. To. Stretch! Stretching is such an important part of keeping your body mobile and in check, especially in between workouts. Not to mention, it feels really damn good! So just do it, ok?! All of our stretch videos live in this Stretch Sessions category toward the bottom of the platform, and word on the street is that we just filmed many more that we’ll be sharing soon! 

Hint: If you follow our Weekly Program, you’ll notice that the Sunday playlist is full of only stretch videos. We purposely don’t program Sunday so that you have space to stretch.


Calling all mamas out there! 

Baby on the way? Check out “Brittany’s Favorite Prenatal Workouts” on SESSION@Home. Not only is Brittany Grignon our founder and owner (and obvious Pilates pro), but she really knows what she’s talking about with these prenatal recommendations… The first handful of videos that we filmed for SESSION@Home were formatted and demoed by Brittany when she was about 8 months pregnant with her first. (Find her guest blog post about her top prenatal picks, HERE.) 

New mama? Ready to get that body movin’ again? Check out “Ashley Hopson’s Favorite Postpartum Workouts.” Ashley is our resident go-to on all things pre- and post-natal Pilates. Why? Because she is a badass mom who practiced and taught Pilates through both of her pregnancies. So, she gets it! (You can read the full rundown of her picks and a little bit more of her story, HERE.) 


If you think it, you can search it! Whether you are looking for a specific muscle (hamstrings, biceps, obliques), certain instructor, or even a prop (weights, magic circle, box) — you can search it. Just click the “Search” button at the top of the platform and search your heart out!

PHEW… And that’s a wrap on how to make the most out of SESSION@Home

Already a subscriber? We hope you’re enjoying the ride and all of the new features we’ve been working hard to incorporate! Have any feedback for us? Whether it’s a love or hate, we are all ears! Email us at info@sessionpilates.com

Not a subscriber yet? If you made it all the way to this point, you’ve got to like what you see so far! Why not give it a try? Your first week is on us!

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