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Britt’s Favorite Prenatal Workouts

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Brittany, here! 

Working out when you are pregnant can be daunting, frustrating, and just downright DIFFERENT! But it really doesn’t have to be! There are so many pros to staying healthy and active throughout a pregnancy (with your doctor’s approval, of course), especially if your movement of choice is Pilates. Not only is it great for you and baby, but Pilates has a reputation for making the birthing process a little smoother for some. 

If you are an expecting mom, I am here to tell you that we have TONS of prenatal-acceptable workouts on SESSION@Home… I say this from experience after filming a large chunk of our first videos while I was expecting my first, sweet Georgie Glee! 

I am so excited to introduce you to a handful of my favorite, go-to SESSION@Home workouts for prenatal. These are videos that will support and keep you safe, while still moving your body with a baby in tow! Enjoy!

Brittany’s Favorite Prenatal SESSION@Home Workouts

1- Standing Obliques With Brittany (19:22)

2- Full Upper Body With Caroline (10:22)

3- Inner Thighs & Glutes With Jasmine (11:05)

4- Plank Circuit With West (16:40)

5- Lower Body on Chair With Caroline (17:41)

6- Shoulders, Back & Triceps With Molly (12:46)

7- Lower Body Balance Work With Brittany (22:04)

8- Obliques With Brittany (8:44)

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Abs With Brittany
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Arms With West
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Lower Body With Brittany
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Inner Thighs With West
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Abs With West
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Arms / Shoulders With Ashley
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