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West’s Favorite SESSION@Home Workouts

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YO! It’s West here. I am excited to share my favorite SESSION@Home workouts. Admittedly, I am the worst when it comes to working out at home. It totally takes a completely different level of motivation for me. With that in mind, no fuss is the way I go when it comes to choosing a workout at home. It either needs to be intense and effective in a quick amount of time or a unique yet intuitive flow that just makes me feel good (i.e. working out lying down 😉 or focusing on just “accessory” muscles like triceps or inner thighs). I also favor little to no props. You are talking to someone who doesn’t even work out on a mat half the time!  I think this list provides a great mixture of the two! 

Pro Tip: I am definitely a “music makes me move” kind of gal, so even though every video is set to that specific instructor’s playlist, sometimes I need a little more volume than what my laptop or TV can provide. I depend on my earbuds and personal Spotify to give me an extra edge by making me feel like I am actually in a room with a bumping playlist blaring through the speakers. 

So without further ado, here are some of my personal favorite SESSION@Home workouts that are go-tos for when I’m looking to get a workout in outside of the studio. Check them out and let me know what you think!

West’s Favorite SESSION@Home Workouts

1- Reformer: Lower Body Strap Work With Weslynn (17:38)

2- Reformer: Chest & Triceps With Ashley (10:40)

3- Floor: Lower Body *Towel* With West (23:29)

4- Floor: Abs *Toilet Paper* With West (17:16)

5- Floor: Rotator Cuff With West (12:07)

6- Floor: Body Weight Upper Body With Caroline (8:54)

7- Reformer: Back Body With Brittany (9:10)

8- Floor: Triceps With Sarah (8:46)

9- Floor: 7-Min. Abs With Molly (7:44)

10- Floor: Inner Thighs & Glutes With Jasmine (11:05)

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